Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence.

Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with great talent.

Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb.

Education will not;the world is full of educated derelicts.

Persistence, determination alone
are omnipotent!

~ quote by Calvin Coolidge, displayed in every executive office of McDonald's headquarters by edict of Ray Kroc.



2 Questions and Stats I recently read:

1. What percentage of adult Americans do you think have written an specific long-range goals?
Answer: Less than 3%

Why: "If I write down a goal and don't reach it, what have I done? I have failed.......We avoid failing by not placing ourselves in situations where we might fail."

2. What percentage of the American people at age 65 can put their hands on ten thousand dollars in cash?
Answer: Less than 5%

Why: "Without setting specific goals most people in this country will not achieve financial security."

"A goal is a planned conflict with the status quo. By definition, then, reaching a goal means doing something new, leaving familiar, comfortable terrain of our comfort zones and exploring new frontiers." Hyrum Smith, "10 Natural Laws ...."

Wow! As the time ticks away towards the New Year, I am getting more nervous by the second. I really try to set realistic goals. I induced so much unneeded stress upon myself early in my Melaleuca career by setting unrealistic goals, only to not meet them, and then to feel defeat and failure.

This often happened not because I was unwilling, rather I didn't even know what activity I needed to personally do to reach the goals I had set. I really believed that if I just worked my heart out and believed enough that I could reach any goal I wanted. There is truth in that, but the problem is that I lacked one important detail....TIME. I thought I should achieve my goals in months or weeks, when in reality the goals I had set with the activity and time I had allowed set me up for failure at the start.

Over time, I have learned how to set better goals for myself. I have learned that my goals need to be very action specific, detailed and timely. I have also learned to accept the fact that ... it is better to set goals a little too high and fall an inch short, than to refuse to set any goals because missing them causes me to feel things like inadequacy or failure. When I take the road of the latter statement, I find that I become stagnant, bitter and complaining. However, if I set a lofty goal and even if I miss it by a hair, the defeat I feel is nothing in comparison to the feelings of being in a "flat spot" or going backwards from where I had been before.

Experiencing both kinds of "failure" actually puts a lot in perspective. My goal of reaching senior director in 6 months working only 20 hours a week is a LOFTY out of my comfort zone goal. It is realistic though. In July of 2006, when I did NOT know what I was doing, I quit my teaching job and began working towards Senior Director. In the next 9 months I enrolled 66 personal customers and developed 9 directors. In the last 11 months, as Jen Coffel advanced to Executive Director 3 and developed two personal senior directors, she enrolled 54 personal customers and developed 7 directors.

Knowing the statistics or the work of what it takes. I have set a goal of enrolling 52 personal customers and developing AT LEAST 7 new directors in 6 months. That means every week I must work my 20 hours and be VERY intentional with my time.

Obviously, I have a large business and I cannot neglect it. So I will work an additional 10-20 hours on it. I will keep a meticulous log though. I want to become a Senior working 20 hours a week more for everyone that I enroll in the future than for myself. It will be a bar that is set for all to see and know it is possible.

Why? You may wonder, why would an executive director put herself out there? You may be thinking, "When I get to exec, I'm not going to push anymore."

BECAUSE, when we give up the possibility of failing we also give up the possibility of growing, succeeding and becoming more of who God created us to be. So here is to the possibility.. now 33 hours and counting.



I am so anxious for the first visitors to our new blog. I sent letters to several of you, and I am so, so pumped about this new journey. As with all new ideas challenges and goals, the beginning of a this long road is met with a lot of mixed emotions. Mostly I feel excitement. Followed by that I feel nervousness and doubt.

Let's face it. Senior Director in 6 Months working only 20 hours a Week=Feelings of Inadequacy. Yes! I feel fear, but I'm doing it anyway. YES! I feel stress, but I'm excited anyway. YES! I have a LOT going on in my emotional life, but that is just an excuse, and I'm doing it anyway.

I'm thinking a lot more about what it will feel like when I have helped TONS of my friends achieve their personal goals. What it will feel like when I am crying with a single mom that is totally financially free! What it will feel like when I watch a friend of mine have her name and picture plastered all over the LIA! What it will feel like when another of my friends can stay home with baby number 2 with no worries! What it will feel like when another friend can give back to ministry that gave her life back to her! What it will feel like when I wear my mom's shoes as I accept my President's Club Award!

I have to make my thoughts go in a different direction. I have doubts and fears like everyone, but I am just choosing to think about what it will be, feel and look like when I achieve my goal instead. Otherwise, I might not ever have the courage to begin.

I cannot wait for 2010. For a long time, I said that just so 2009 would end. But endings are never fulfilling. Beginnings are what keep our hearts beating. I am simply full of anticipation for January 1, 2010.