Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence.

Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with great talent.

Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb.

Education will not;the world is full of educated derelicts.

Persistence, determination alone
are omnipotent!

~ quote by Calvin Coolidge, displayed in every executive office of McDonald's headquarters by edict of Ray Kroc.


Well I Could Use an Extra Day!

Ever feel like you could use an extra day between month end and the beginning of the next month?

I sure do.

Well, my journey to senior seems to have taken a small flat spot in February, so I am renewing my passion this month. I currently have enrolled 6 people and developed 1 Director 3, and I have brought about 4,000 in new volume to my business since January 1st. We know she for sure hit D3, and most likely missed D4 by a few hundred points, but all in all SHE did a GREAT job in February.

I dropped the ball in my Melaleuca business personally developing directors and enrolling because I spent several days at the waterpark for Kaden's birthday, and then we took some very special time for his baptism last month as well.

I am now refocused on personal activity and I am busy enrolling. I am looking to help Joni and her team develop at least 4 new directors in their business as well as I hope to enroll 8 and develop at least 1 more director personally.

I have a long way to go to bring in 6 more directors and 16,000 in volume in the next 4 months, but I am determined to focus on that goal everyday that I'm working.

I'm learning to constantly ask myself, "Is that a correct thought? Is that getting you where you want to be?"

I get caught up in what others want from me. I try to make others happy with my life instead of looking to what I want and how I want to live. I want to consistently build a great business sharing the health concerns and great shopping opportunity here.

I am so excited about my business. I know it may take longer than a few months to turn a ship around, but I am okay with that because I have my whole life. And my life is so good because of the way Melaleuca pays me.


So Tired, So Excited, So Nervous, So Distraught

Ever felt a bundle of emotions all at the same time?

I have been in Southern Illinois presenting this week. We have helped two people to director, and we are working on a third and fourth. WOWZA. That can be exhausting.


It doesnt come easy. We have had several people tell us they didn't like the commitment. We have had several tell us they needed to talk to the dreaded husband. We have had some that just plain didn't like the idea. Yet, we have perservered.

I love the attitudes of this group of women. If someone didn't see a value with the store, the attitude they have carried is "what is wrong with them?" I mean really, when we show you from the EPA that pesticides are cancer and asthma risks, and when we show you the pesticides in your products, and when we share a safer, more effective, better value opportunity, and you just "don't want to switch? Really, what is WRONG with you?


So we have two NEW directors and we have one with 5 customers, and one with one with two more presentations tomorrow and SEVEN webcasts this weekend. The potential is that if these potential directors would get there, my new director would have the chance to advance to D4, and her partner to D3. Regardless, they will both advance at least once and they both have a pipeline full for March, and they have done a WONDERFUL job.


Each of these gals has so much on the line with a $400 bonus and the chance to advance to Pacesetter Director. I just want to get activity planned ASAP with them so that the momentum continues to swell, and their dreams are realized.


I have so many builders that I love. I hold their dreams in my heart. I want to help all of them reach their goals--YESTERDAY. I get distraught at the thought of not being enough for everyone. I get distraught at the thought of not helping enough, of letting someone down, of missisng an important piece of leadership. I get distraught at the thought of working so hard, and then still have more cancellations than enrollments in my business because my organization is so large.

Regardless of the flood of emotions, I am reminded that persistence, focus on the positive, and solid work is the only path of success. Failure, fatigue and dissapointment is a sure sign that you are doing the right activity because it means there is action.

I am looking forward to a GREAT end to a GREAT month filled with GREAT people that I really care about.

After it is all said and done, I love the life Melaleuca offers me and I wouldn't go back to my 8-5, paycheck to paycheck days for anything.


Patience WINS!

This post is dedicated to all of the people that were on my Sunday night appointment setting call back in January when I set an appointment with a gal that was nurse and had previously been a Melaleuca customer.

She had answered my ad about working from home, and she is an RN that has asthma and allergies in her home. I was astounded that she was not still shopping. I set an appointment with her just in hopes of giving her a better taste of Melaleuca.

We met that week, and she didn't enroll. I gave her a wellness guide, tons of information and my card. Well, she called me last night, and SHE IS ENROLLING. She did research on the Oligo and she and her husband are starting out that way.

I am so so so excited. Not for the enrollment as much as for the fact that I feel great when I do what I am passionate about. She really gets the concept of why she should switch.

Also, a friend from church has her order put together. Her son is autistic and this is going to be fantastic for their family. I love making a difference.

Sometimes with my goals, my aspirations, my disappointments, I forget what caused me to be so passionate in the first place. Being patient with these two customers, following up with them and being sincere has brought two new customers to my business that I know will last a lifetime.


Catch up...and Sorry!

Ok, so the end of my January was so crazy and then I took some much needed R&R with my family. I have still been extremely focused on my goal.

So, I last posted on February 4th. That week 1st-8th...Monday to Monday I worked 10 hours. I spent two hours setting appointments, 3 hours in 48-hour follow ups, and 5 hours in presentations. I spent the rest of my week at the waterpark enjoying my family.

Then, from the 8th to 16th...Monday to Monday, I worked 10 hours. 6 hours in presentations, 3 hours in 48-hour follow ups and 1 hour of appointment setting. During that week I also worked about 8 hours of NON-INCOME producing time coaching and being coached with some special activities that came out of the corporate office coming for a visit.

So, towards my goal of becoming Senior I have only worked 18 hours this whole month. However a lot of that was on purpose, because at the end of the month I am going to be working WAY more than 20 hours.

I really need to focus on some personal enrollments and potential directors in the next few days. I find it a struggle to stay focused on that. It is easier to help those around me, and it is more fun, but I know it must be a balance. My "numbers" have still not turned around.

What that means is that when you have roughly 1200 customers, a 95% reorder rate means about 70 customers actually cancel every given month. So, in order to move my business forward, I need to have AT LEAST 100 new customers enroll. While I am doing all of the right personal activity. I am enrolling, developing directors and helping those directors develop directors, I am still actually going backwards in my business at the moment.

That can seem discouraging at times. BUT BUT BUT, I know that if I am persistent, my business will not only turn around, it will be MUCH stronger because due to my personal experiences. My focus on living in balance, and my true desire to help others achieve more than what I ever acheived faster and with more excellence will ultimately be a more joyful solid business than I have ever experienced.

It is definitely a battle to keep my head in the game and not let my emotions dictate my activity. Character is definitely the ability to follow through on a decision long after the emotion is gone.

I pray for character. Some days it is easier, some days it seems like I'd rather eat my arm than pick up that phone.

Off to become a woman of character.


Time To Work, Time To Play

So, the past couple of days have been what I call "Support" days. This past fall I read a book called, Success Principles. In it he describes organizing your days by Best Result Days, Support Days, and Recreation Days. Since the beginning of the month, I have truly been using several support days. Time to follow up on emails, talk to my team, host training calls, gather goals from others, set appointments and inhomes for the month, etc. None of this activity is actually bringing me money, but it has been necessary.

I am now getting ready for my last meeting of the week, and then it is off for some true R&R. We are taking the boys and my dad to Wisconsin Dells for 3 days. We are going to have an absolute BLAST. I can't wait.

Yesterday, I did have a personal appointment and an inhome. I received a collective 4 no's. The three guests from the inhome could turn into yes's but we shall see. You just never know.

So far this week, I have worked 7 hours towards my goal of Senior by June 30. In that 7 hours, I set appointments for 1 hour, spent 4 hours giving 4 -48 hour follow ups, spent 1 hour presenting for my 1:1, and spent 1 hour at an inhome. Right now those hours don't look that productive, but they will in time, I'm positive.

Success is truly made up of thousands of tiny little steps. As you are taking the steps it seems as though you aren't going anywhere, and then when you turn around a year, two years or even 5 years later, it is amazing to see what has happened.


1 month down...5 to go!

5 months left on my journey to Senior in 6 months working 20 hours a week.

When I started this blog, I was nervous that it would actually be possible to get to senior working 20 hours a week, but then as I began working I realized it was hard to put 20 hours of WORK in. This past month the highest amount of hours I got to was 15 hours and that was my last week of the month.

Now, to be fair, I did not count my travel time as work time, but if I had I would have averaged right at 20 hours a week. My new director lives 3 1/2 hours from me so that was time AWAY from my family and church. Even counting that I did not work more than 20 hours.

It looks like with my new director, and my other three enrollments I brought in about 1900 points of volume towards my goal of Senior. Not bad for the first month out. I will need to triple that amount to stay on pace, and I will need to double up on directors this month.

My goal is to develop 2 directors in February, help Joni advance to D4 at least, and enroll 4 more customers. Those are REALLY lofty goals.

As for my existing business, I hope to help each of my directors that are working advance...My new D2 from December to D3 in February. My D5's to D6, My D6 to D7 My D7 to D8 and my D8 to D9. To do that I really hope to help with contacts, coaching and presenting for them.

I love that in this business our job is to help others succeed.

This week I am headed off to Wisconsin Dells to celebrate Kaden's birthday with my family. My dad is driving up and we are going to have a wonderful time. Today I'm having a pj day catching up on emails, paperwork and housework. I love the life Melaleuca offers to me.


The Last Few Days

Sorry that it has been a few days since I last blogged. After my great day, I ended up with the wonderful flu for Saturday and Sunday.

Sometimes people think that great things just fall into the lap of others. On Sunday I would have rather done ANYTHING than a 48 hour follow up and 3 trainings in a row. I had been so so so sick all day. I just wanted to pull the covers over my head, reschedule and forget that I had any responsibility to anyone neverless a HUGE team. Yet, that wasn't an option. I drove to Lockport to meet this gal in person. We scheduled her first two inhomes for the first two days of February.

When you are a business owner, responsibility comes with that. I have to be responsible to God and my family first, then my friends and then my business. Since illness entered my life, I couldn't just forget or push aside priority number 4 even though I REALLY WANTED to do that.

On Monday I woke up to a sick child. I still kissed my boys goodbye, and headed south. On the drive I had another 48 hour follow up with another builder from Friday. I was still so nauseated, and I would have rather done anything than talk to a stranger about our business. I did it, and she bought a value pack and will most likely be a director in February as well . I was driving the entire time to help my new director develop her first director. We had presentations Monday night at 6:30 and Tuesday at 12, 1, 2, and 6:30. We added about 8 new customers so far and more to come. As I climbed into my car to leave her house Tuesday night, I had a message from my aunt. My grandma was bleeding and taken to the hospital in ambulance. My grandfather was at the hospital by himself.

You see, my mother was one of two children, and I am one of two grandchildren. My dad lives in South Carolina, and my aunt and cousin live in California. So....that leaves me to take care of my grandparents. I happened to be one hour south of the hospital so I drove there and have been there until now.

I drove home today and arrive around 5 pm. I missed my kids so much. We cuddled into my bed, talked, watched tv and caught up. I tucked them in, and now I'm getting ready to crash. Sometimes life is exhausting. Priorities, love, heartache, business: it gets messy sometimes. The important thing to understand is that Melaleuca is here to make all of that easier, better and more enjoyable.

Thank Goodness I am not teaching. Thank God, literally, that he brought Melaleuca into my life. I need flexibility, residual income and fun more than I could ever begin to express.

My new director is shooting to be a 20/20 director this month and her new director already has 5 enrollments and we are working towards more. The BEST PART: we are changing lives in a mighty way!



So, you know I live by the quote at the top of this blog. Persistence is truly the only thing in life that gets you anywhere. Besides my amazing new partner, Joni, this month has really been a struggle. It seems like every presentation just went sour.

I knew that I would eventually get my groove back, but the way in which it came back was unexpected. Someone that I trust was VERY honest with me..."Rachelle, you are lacking confidence." Really? I mean I knew I was having doubts and trying to figure things out, but when I really thought about this piece of advice I knew it to be true.

THEN THE FUN BEGAN. I made a decision to be completely bold. I made a decision to let these people that I was presenting to understand all that I had to offer and basically that they would be CRAZY not to enroll. That is what I used to feel. That is what I used to do.

Yesterday, I had an appointment at 11, 1 and 5. All 3 ENROLLED! Yep, you read that right! 3 enrollments in one day after 20 days of hearing no everyday.

I have officially earned COI, developed a director this month and I still have a HUGE week of activity planned this last 7 days of the month.

Thank you to my great friend for the honesty. It feels good to be back.

Now, I have just completed my third week of work towards my goal of Senior Director in 2010. I worked 15 hours this week towards my new business of Senior, and I worked an additional 4 hours on my existing business in actual appointment setting, presenting, and follow up. I did actually spend another 6 hours in coaching, training and emailing.

I keep forgetting to blog about the majority of my life. Last Saturday we attended a birthday party for my BFF's little girl, this week I also went out for drinks with a friend one evening, had Ferguson Family Night Out together another evening, went to breakfast with a friend one morning, and lunch with another friend another day. I put my kids on the bus every morning and got them off the bus every afternoon except Friday. Nate wanted to take them to get their hair cut. I took Kaden to basketball practice this week and was here for Carder's guitar practice. The kids had a playdate with their friends one afternoon, and we all went to Kaden's basketball game as a family today. Later tonight Nate and I are going to steal some time to catch up on 24 and eat junk. Melaleuca allows me to have a life of freedom as long as when I have my work hours I am actually setting appointments and giving presentations.


A Recap

So this month so far...
2nd, webcast with Joni, she enrolled --YES
4th, webcast with Malaya, no form of payment -- NO
4th, 1:1 in person with Deborah, need to talk to husband -- NO
5th, webcast with Luverne, NO
5th, webcast with Jennifer..reschedule
6th, LAUNCH in Chicago
7th, webcast with Marla..think about it...Won't answer my calls...Really like this one.
8th, LAUNCH in Indianapolis
10th, Inhomes for Joni
11th, Inhomes for Joni
13th, Webcast with Christine, NO
14th, 1:1 with Jennifer...reschedule again
14th, 1:1 with Chuck (for Tina)...reschedule
14th, Webcast with Marci for Joni, NO
15th, Networking event
18th, 1:1 with Jennifer...Thinking about it...NO
20th, Inhome with Carina, 4 there, all had to talk to the husband...UGGGH
21st, 1:1 with Brittany...Canceled
21st, 1:1 with Deborah...NO...

So, after that you might be thinking, wow she really stinks. That is what I tend to think, but then I remember that with every step even failures, I am moving forward. I am really needing a change in my presentation, and I think I have made it. Today the presentation actually went really well. I didn't expect her to enroll when I made the appointment. She has been a customer twice before, but she is an RN, and I didn't think she really understood the concept of switching stores. I left her with the RM Barry Wellness Guide, and I think she will enroll in the future.

I can look at the last three weeks and beat myself up, or I can say, "Whew, thank goodness I contacted Joni." Because I am headed back down her way to help her develop a director and enroll more customers.

I can change my presentation, my close rate and my success a lot easier if I keep my head in the game. I know that it is my attitude that really changes my business. So, I've just decided that this is what happens when you stop working for awhile and then try to get back in the swing....YOU BECOME RUSTY!


Successful....kind of..

Well today felt productive. It was full of activity. That activity did not bring the results I was hoping for, but it could still do that.

I set appointments for about 2 hours today. I secured 4 good appointments over the next two days. We shall see. I also talked to my new director about some obstacles and the plans for the new presentations for her and her builder next week.

Besides cold lead appointments, I also called a person on my chicken list. I had to leave a message, but at least I did it. I have resolved to calling one person in my warm list everyday. I have quite a few new people that I have met over the last year or so that I have not approached.

Tonight I headed out in the ice storm to South Elgin about 1 hour and 15 minutes away. My director hosted and she had 4 guests in attendance as well as one customer that had never been to an inhome. All of the people were interested and filled out paperwork, but they ALL had the husband objection. I MUST be doing something wrong....UGGGH....I wish I could figure it out. I really hope for my hostesses sake that with great follow up they will all enroll. She is SUPER at follow up, so they probably will.

I worked a total of 5 hours today, and tomorrow I have 5 presentations planned between myself and my new director this month.

I still catch myself doubting. You know, do I really know how to do this? I have never developed a senior director. Some of my leaders shy away from wanting my help, others seem to rely on me a little too I lacking as a leader? These thoughts constantly run through my head, and then I remember. I'm getting better everyday. Putting one foot in front of the other everyday will help me reach my goal. Putting myself through mental agony will only make the trip harder and longer.

So with that, I'm signing off for a night of sleep.


Feeling Down

So, It is Tuesday, January 18th and I have one enrollment, one new director, and a few appointments scheduled. I had another appointment yesterday that turned into another no. Now technically she said, "I will call you at the end of the week, I am very interested." But in reality we know that is a NO.

I am struggling to become a better closer and presenter. Sounds funny, huh? I called a director in my business and said, I really need to listen to you present. Then as I thought about that, I thought, "I just really need to listen to myself when I was enrolling a lot of people."

So, I searched through my archived emails to find a recorded presentation of myself presenting. I took my phone to the bathroom, got in the bathtub and listened.

I ROCKED! I had totally forgotten how real, funny and down to earth my presentations used to be. It made me think...are we getting too professional? I mean, this was a presentation that I recorded before I was a Senior Director. I think I have fooled myself into believing that I have to be a lot more professional than I am.

If I want people to trust me and enroll with me, then I have to show them who I really am and why this really works. I called a gal from our church this afternoon. She really needs these products in her home. I cannot wait until we firm up the appointment.

I am going to lunch with a dear friend, and then coming home to set a lot of appointments from my leads. Everytime that I train, I teach myself something that causes me to be a better woman. This week I talked about measuring results and only comparing yourself to yourself. I am going to have a GLORIOUS week. I am going to have 1 more presentation than last week, and I am going to find a new business partner.

On my journey to senior, I am 1 director down and 6 to go. Here's to a great 2010. I look up and see the title of this post, and realize that when I write it makes me feel better. When I think about my journey and getting better each day it makes me feel better. Feeling down is a part of life, but learning to pick myself up from it is an accomplishment.


Comments Please!

Hey Everyone! Glad to hear from people every once in awhile. I love it when people comment on the blog because it helps me to know that it is a good service to you. So if you think of something, want to know something, or have a question, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT!

It is also great for me because I am able to see what I am really focusing my time on when I am accountable to write it down. Today I went to an AMAZING women's networking event. It was small, and very intimate, but I learned that is what I LOVE to do. As I look back at the past 2 weeks of no-shows, rescheduled appointments and appointment setting, I realize I would better enjoy networking with women in person.

Today I spent 2 1/2 hours networking, 2 1/2 hours driving talking to my sales manager, business partners and friends. I don't count my drive time in my work hours, but I do count it in my other hours of mentoring, socializing and organizing.

This week I have spent 13 1/2 hours of actual work time. In that time, I have developed a director and set inhomes to develop another as well as heard several, several nos. While enrollments are behind for me personally, I know the correct activities will put me and keep me on the pace towards my goal. I have a great appointment Monday morning, and more appointment setting to do tomorrow.

While sitting at the networking table today, an idea popped into my mind. I think I am going to host my own luncheon to share Melaleuca and my need for quality referrals with my friends at my home. Even if they know what I do, they may not be aware that I am looking for professional women. I loved this networking event because everyone shared what they were looking for even if it didn't relate to their business...carpet cleaning, event planner, etc?

Tonight is the Ferguson Family Night since I was gone on Tuesday. We are renting a movie, eating popcorn and just enjoying life. Melaleuca is a part of my life that I totally enjoy. However, if I let it consume my life it becomes a part of my life that brings me stress. I choose to LIVE rather than I am off to meet my other goals of spending quality time getting to know my children and husband on a very REAL level.


Continued Balance

I have to say that I am loving my new log of time. I spent another 2 hours of work yesterday, 1 hour of appointment setting and 1 hour of presenting. Today I spent 3 hours of work, 1 hour of 48 hour follow up, 2 hours of presenting.

So this week I have spent 11 hours so far. I heard one no for myself today, and I think my presentation for my new director resulted in a no as well. My personal appointments rescheduled on me, but the 48 hour follow up I did was very refreshing and hopeful.

I have spent a lot of time on my existing business this week as well. Talking, emailing and corresponding with builders and customers. I am SUPER EXCITED about where this year is taking me and more importantly where it is taking the people that I am investing my time in.

After I write on this BLOG I am crawling into bed to cuddle with the two best boys on the planet. I am headed to a networking event tomorrow, and I hope to set several appointments or at least add several to my contact list.

It has been a slow start concerning results this first 15 days but I am hoping that my efforts will really start to pay off in the last 15. Regardless, I am moving towards my goal keeping my life in balance and enjoying the journey because I am LIVING WITH GREAT INTENTION!




Congratulations to my newest director, Joni Burckhartt! She is AMAZING! She and I will honestly be two peas in a pod. She is a pastor's wife. She is from southern Illinois, and she is a fantastic mother of three boys. It was so refreshing to pray together before our inhomes, meals and just know that we are embarking on a new future.

I have currently just spent 6 hours of presentation time with Joni on Monday and Tuesday. We planned an inhome for 6:30 Monday night and 10 am and noon today. She had 10 potential new accounts present on Monday night. 5 enrolled on the spot with 2 value packs. 4 left their paperwork with the intention of talking to their husbands. This morning at 10 we presented to 2 ladies at the coffee shop. 1 filled out paperwork and said to order a value pack after she talked to her husband. The other said she needed her husband to hear the presentation. At noon, we presented to 5 men and 1 woman. They all wanted to enroll but wanted their spouse to hear, except for the woman, she enrolled on the spot. 1 of the men was the husband of the woman that was skeptical at 10. He enrolled as a category 2.

So in short, Joni has so much potential for explosive growth it is amazing. I spent a lot of travel time on my way to her house and back, and I spent the night at her home. I used the travel time to have a couple of 48 hour follow ups with my existing business, and some friend and mentoring time with other marketing executives. I also spent my travel time talking to my sales manager and another, almost executive director in California.

I cannot wait for my boys and husband to arrive home from basketball practice right now. Tomorrow is a day fully planned of mentoring, apppintment setting, presentations and implementation of other ideas. I am off to a bath and time with my family.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that this business allows me to serve God, be a great mother, wife and friend AND make an obscene amount of money. Today is an UP day, and I am rewarding myself and enjoying it.

I think it is important to fully celebrate the great times and joys that life offers. Ok 6 hours and counting for this week. I need some more potential directors.


Missed The Mark, But Closer Than I Was....

Well, Week 1 towards Senior Director is done. I officially worked 11 hours this past week. It is not that I was not willing to work more, but I made decisions regarding some other priorities. I attended two launches, and my travel time to the one in Indianapolis took a lot of time away from my family. While I would have previously worked all day today, I made the decision to place my family before my career goals.

As committed as I am to my goal of 20 hours a week and reaching my career goals, my commitment to my husband and family must come first. When people are speaking at my funeral I do not want it to be said of me that all that I did was work.

So I have one enrollment, and I travel on Monday to help her get to director. I am super excited for her. She will definitely be a director by Tuesday. I need to have several appointments on Thursday. I am attending a networking event on Friday and I hope that helps to foster appointments for the next week as well.

I've learned that I really need to meet with people in person. I am much more effective and it is a better use of my time. I will work on tweaking this aspect of my business this week. My goal is to present to at least 4 people on Thursday in person and 2 people on a webcast.

I love Frank Vandersloot. I love that at launch he gave credit to God for all that Melaleuca has become. I love that he has his priorities so clear. I love that he also acknowledges that success is really just a compilation of many failures that we get up from and start again. I LOVE that Frank used the same quote in LIA this month as I have on this blog. I cannot think of many people that I respect MORE than Frank. Great to see that we value the same things.

I definitely missed my mark this week with my results, but I am definitely much further towards my goal because I am living EVERYDAY with Great Intention. I am not discouraged in my failure, I have faith that living with intention will bring about the success I desire.

Here's to week number 2!



Ever had a day that made you think, "Is there something wrong with me?"

I had hopes of going to breakfast with a friend, but it didn't work out. Then, the school called, and I needed to run extra shoes to Kaden. I got settled back at home, and decided I needed to set appointments. I really really dread setting appointments, but I know that I MUST.

I spent 1 hour and 10 minutes setting appointments. In that time I called 11 people. I set 4 appointments, 2 for today, 1 for tomorrow and 1 for next week. Three of the appointments were typical, but one, wow, one was amazing! That brought my work hours to 9 this week.

I was waiting for her to call me back. We talked she was amazing, and I JUST KNEW it was going to be a yes. My hubby came home for lunch and we chatted and I told him about this gal and how much I was hoping for her to enroll.

I presented for her today at 3, she was all about it, said she was a category 3 and that it was great, but she just needed a few hours to absorb it all before she registered...... UGH....OF course, she did not call me back. UGH.

So now I am 10 work hours and 1 enrollment. I will still try to follow up with her tomorrow. She is just so GREAT! Then, I presented for the team and for my new gal. She had a great contact on the phone, and because we were running late I forgot to have her say why she loved it or to have her talk at all.... so she is "thinking about it" UGH I'd rather have 15 no's for myself than one for someone working towards director.

My new gal had appointments at 7, 8 and 9. I had her move her 8 so we would have plenty of time to enroll the 7 and 9 and then the 9 canceled and the 7 didn't enroll. The 8 was her parents. So a potential of 3 new enrollments for her ended in 0 mostly because of me.

11 work hours and 1 enrollment. My 8 oclock appt rescheduled for NEXT WEDNESDAY. Had a team web at 8 that no one came to. Yikes what a day.

I have another webcast at 10 tomorrow. I really need a yes.

With all of that said, these are just considerations. I mean, none of this is unexpected. I know there will be bad days and frustrations and cancellations and disappointments. I just need to take some time to enjoy myself and my blessings and remember that a goal worth stretching for is never going to come easy or it wouldn't be a worthy goal in the first place.

The other thing to consider is tomorrow is Friday. I only have two days left and 9 hours yet to work. So maybe it is more that I'm not doing enough rather than what I'm doing isn't working.

I will become a senior director by June. I WILL. What will you do no matter what?


Interesting thing...does Launch count in my 20 hours? I have decided no.

You know when I was a teacher I worked 8-3:40 everyday for 180 days. That is what I got paid to do. That was my contract for income. Every week I worked outside of that time whether grading papers, calling parents, or preparing my classroom. On top of that, I PAID to take courses on my personal time to increase my effectiveness.

In my Melaleuca business setting appointments, presentations and 48 hour followups are my contracted paying activities. While, launch is so necessary, and an amazing time to meet the corporate office, be inspired and set goals and while weekly trainings and mentoring calls both with your enroller and enrollees are needed, they are not paid hours. These activities in Mela are like grading papers and classroom prep are in teaching. They make me better. They make me more effective, and a better leader.

I did not add any work hours yesterday towards my goal of 20 hours each week towards Senior. I worked a few hours (3) in my existing exec business, but the rest of the day was spent shopping, traveling and going to launch.


Joyful Calendar

So today I added 2 more hours. I am now 7 hours and 50 minutes of work for this week towards my goal of Senior Director. My day started out great. After I fed the kids breakfast and kissed them goodbye for their first day of school in 2010, I had an 8:15 call. I had a FABULOUS 48 hour follow up with my new enrollee (1 hr). We set 3 inhome dates and she is eating up the information, training and just Melaleuca in general.

Then I had a couple of hours downtime in which I chatted with a friend, unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, did some laundry, made beds, showered, put my makeup on, and then it was time for my next appointment of the day.

I had strategically planned an 11:00 webcast and an 11:15 strategy session at my house. I knew I could put my lead on the call, and then talk with my business partner while someone else was presenting. I thought, "Wow, I am efficient!" .... Yeah, not so much. The presenter was not on the call, so I had to present (1 hr).

So I'm giving a webcast spur of the moment, my business partner arrives, my dog is barking, my laundry machine is going..........AAAAHHHHHhhh! Calgon take me away. Obviously, she did not enroll! No number 3. My 1:00 appointment called during the presentation and left a message saying, "She decided to go in a different direction."

My strategy session with my business partner, however, was productive and inspiring. He left around 1:30, and I helped another partner solve a computer problem, grabbed some lunch, chatted with one of my directors about online enrolling, talked to my sales manager, talked to a director in someone else's business about setting appointments, tried to find out where one of my shipments ended up in KY, and then, I welcomed my boys off of the bus.

Tonight was Tuesday Together Night at the Ferguson household. We decided to take our night on the road to a friend that is recovering from surgery. We made dinner, took down her Christmas decorations, played the wii, and had fun. I just came home tucked the kids in, said prayers, took a bath and returned texts and emails from the evening.

I share all of this with you, just so that you can see that I have a real life outside of Melaleuca that happens in, around and during my business. The 20 hours I log towards becoming a Senior Director and the other 10-15 hours I spend on my existing Exec business are just as much to keep me focused on my REAL life as they are to keep me focused on my work. Since I have put the time into my business I should have so far, I don't feel stress, guilt or shame for enjoying time away even though I only have 1 enrollment of my 10. It will come. It will come.

Living with intention is incredibly freeing. I haven't felt this free in....honestly, my entire adult life. I am living every minute the way I want to. It feels so good.


Little Doubt Creeps In

So it is 3:30 on Monday. So far today, I woke up and dressed professionally (a rarity lately), kiss my boys as they play the wii for the last day of break, kiss my husband, and then I headed to a business partners house to help her talk through some goal setting at 9:30. I really do still have a huge business to manage besides my new goal.

Then I headed to the TBC for my first presentation of the day at 11. She loved it. She was a category 3. She had No Form of Payment! Yikes...for real? C'mon who doesn't have a form of payment in 2010? We scheduled a time to talk at 5, but 99% chance she will not pick up the phone.

So that puts me at 4 hours and 50 mins of my week of work. 2 presentations. 1 no, 1 yes.

At noon, I talked with two other business partners. We set some goals and planned some future times to talk and group presentations. Again, not part of my 20 hours of work for Senior though.

At 1, my next presentation began. It went wonderfully. She loved the store, loved the green, loved the idea of shopping from home. As we filled out the paperwork, she said she needed to talk to her husband about it. UGGHH! Another no. We scheduled to talk on Thursday, but it is a 90% chance no!

So that puts me at 5 hours and 50 mins of my week of work. 3 presentations. 2 nos, 1 yes.

On my drive home I talk to my sales manager, and he asks, "Where is the volume going to come in your business this month?" I think, "Heck if I know."

So with a fourth of my week gone, and only one enrollment, I can start to feel the doubt setting in. I hear things like, "Really Rachelle, Senior in 6" or "You have lost your touch in your time off," or "Just be happy with your life as it is."

Again, I refuse to listen to that. I think about all of the people I want to help. I think about advancing, I think about winning President's Club. I think about all of the reasons this WILL work.

So, now I turn off the work side of my brain, and I am off to play with the kids. I am anxious for routine as they head back to school tomorrow, but I sure am going to miss them.


Activity Feels Good

WOO HOO! I got my first enrollment of the month! The girl I said that I was nervous about talking to, yep, she really got it. We enrolled her online today with a value pack.

Then I had appointment setting with the team and I now have 7 appointments set so far for the week, 4-48 hour follow ups scheduled along with mentoring sessions scheduled with two people. I added another 1 1/2 to my work week. So I have now officially worked 2 hours and 50 minutes on appt setting and 1 hour on presenting so I have worked 3 hours and 50 minutes towards my goal of becoming a Senior Director in 6 months.

I also taught Sunday School both hours of church today, ate lunch with the boys, took my Christmas decorations down, played skipbo as a family, read my book for an hour, took a bath and talked to my girlfriend about her date. You see, Melaleuca is just a part of my life. I am working with GREAT INTENTION for it to be the part of my day that makes my already great life extraordinary.

I am looking forward to our team talk tonight. I love coaching and teaching. It is something that feeds my soul. I am anxious to start my Monday. It feels so good to have a plan and know that I am working in it.


First Day Into the Journey

Funny how reality hits. First day of work today. I made a list of to-do's. Calling all of my leads from my marketing that I put out on December31st. As the time came for me to make the calls, I noticed myself trying to find other things to do. I checked my email. Followed up with a customer. Sent emails to my builders, but I really just didn't want to pick up the phone.

I did it though. I spent my first hour and 20 minutes of work this week. From 10:26 to 11:51 I called 13 people. I left messages for 11, spoke to two. I set one appointment, and then one lead called me back, and I set an appointment with her. I am hopeful to catch the rest tomorrow during my appointment setting. At 11:30 I really wanted to quit. I had just set my second appointment and only had 4 new leads left. I thought," That's a good start." But then I thought, "Oh Rachelle, just call the last 4."

I was never so glad to get four voicemails in my life. Funny isnt it?

I also have a webcast presentation scheduled at 7 pm tonight. I am super nervous because it is someone from my facebook that I have not physically talked to in over 15 years. Oh well, we shall see.

Again, I tell myself all of the things I want to feel, want to do and want to accomplish. Today my task of becoming a senior director seems far far away so I need to get away from the negative talk in my head and go read my new book. However, I am glad I made those first few calls, that has made the next ones a little easier.