Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence.

Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with great talent.

Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb.

Education will not;the world is full of educated derelicts.

Persistence, determination alone
are omnipotent!

~ quote by Calvin Coolidge, displayed in every executive office of McDonald's headquarters by edict of Ray Kroc.


So Tired, So Excited, So Nervous, So Distraught

Ever felt a bundle of emotions all at the same time?

I have been in Southern Illinois presenting this week. We have helped two people to director, and we are working on a third and fourth. WOWZA. That can be exhausting.


It doesnt come easy. We have had several people tell us they didn't like the commitment. We have had several tell us they needed to talk to the dreaded husband. We have had some that just plain didn't like the idea. Yet, we have perservered.

I love the attitudes of this group of women. If someone didn't see a value with the store, the attitude they have carried is "what is wrong with them?" I mean really, when we show you from the EPA that pesticides are cancer and asthma risks, and when we show you the pesticides in your products, and when we share a safer, more effective, better value opportunity, and you just "don't want to switch? Really, what is WRONG with you?


So we have two NEW directors and we have one with 5 customers, and one with one with two more presentations tomorrow and SEVEN webcasts this weekend. The potential is that if these potential directors would get there, my new director would have the chance to advance to D4, and her partner to D3. Regardless, they will both advance at least once and they both have a pipeline full for March, and they have done a WONDERFUL job.


Each of these gals has so much on the line with a $400 bonus and the chance to advance to Pacesetter Director. I just want to get activity planned ASAP with them so that the momentum continues to swell, and their dreams are realized.


I have so many builders that I love. I hold their dreams in my heart. I want to help all of them reach their goals--YESTERDAY. I get distraught at the thought of not being enough for everyone. I get distraught at the thought of not helping enough, of letting someone down, of missisng an important piece of leadership. I get distraught at the thought of working so hard, and then still have more cancellations than enrollments in my business because my organization is so large.

Regardless of the flood of emotions, I am reminded that persistence, focus on the positive, and solid work is the only path of success. Failure, fatigue and dissapointment is a sure sign that you are doing the right activity because it means there is action.

I am looking forward to a GREAT end to a GREAT month filled with GREAT people that I really care about.

After it is all said and done, I love the life Melaleuca offers me and I wouldn't go back to my 8-5, paycheck to paycheck days for anything.

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